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A free solution for those looking for a software that can recover deleted and corrupted images

A free solution for those looking for a software that can recover deleted and corrupted images

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Free Any Photo Recovery provides a way for you to recover any lost photos or audio that you may have accidentally deleted. Touch screens make it very easy to accidentally delete very important photos and other files. Free Any Photo Recovery provides you with a way to recover all your files in one place from a variety of different devices, including your PC and smartphone.

At some point in your life, it is almost certain that you have deleted a file by accident or you have deleted a photo that you later decided you wanted to keep. This software works by scanning your devices or memory card. Once your device or memory card has been scanned, you can recover the items that you thought you had lost forever. Two file scanning modes are featured with this software. One mode provides you with the option to find lost items in an easy and simple way. Choosing this option will show you a wide selection of files so that you can be ensured you are recovering the correct file. The other scanning mode can assist you if you are not sure what you called your file. This method will search using factors such as file type, date the file was modified, and the size of the file. The downside of this option is that once you have found the correct file, you will be required to pay for the software to recover the file.

If you have had bad luck with deleting important files in the past, Free Any Photo Recovery is an excellent tool for you to use. This could ultimately be a lifesaver for many people.


-It can recover a wide variety of files.

-The software works with any device.

-It is simple to use.


-You have to pay a fee to have access to the software.